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Rat Rod

My name is Sam Seago instagram: @cgo_engineering

I’m from the UK and im a mechanical engineer and machinist everything is made by me in my workshop  

And this is my custom rat truck :

It running a BMW 525TDS TURBO DIESEL engine remapped to 200 bhp with a custom turbo manifold , 5 speed gearbox with an English axle on a 4 link suspension setup and independent front suspension. 

Electric power steering pump 

Everything underneath the shitbox exterior is brand new 

It has a custom wiring loom I made to run the stand alone bmw ecu and the rest of the truck functions 

Hoses, brake lines, bushes, wiring etc it handles like a sports car with the setup I’ve engineered 

The body is made up of loads of different parts all modified to fit everything else has been fabricated :

The main bits

1941 Ford truck cab channeled onto chassis 

1955 Chevrolet bed sides shortened 

Model a rear arches 

Grille is from a 1927 Austin 

The tailgate I made from scratch 

Headlights dodge, rear lights Cadillac 

The wood bed is a false floor and hinges up to the storage compartments 

There are aircraft parts all over the truck all with a function and work 

The fuel tanks are WW2 b-17 bomber oxygen tanks converted into fuel tanks for a dual fuel setup one diesel one vegetable oil and I made a copper tube heating coil inside which is heated by engine coolant. Under the bed there are dual pumps dual filters all with switch over valves. 

All of the switches and gauges are mostly Ww2 aircraft era all modified to work in a new system.

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Shifter is made from a helicopter rotor brake 

The flap control on the dashboard controls the bonnet vent and hot and cold of the heater.

Rear indicators are from a Vulcan bomber wing marker lights 

The headlight brackets are from Russian mig jet engine afterburner flaps 

Expansion bottle is from a ejector seat assembly 

Fog light and interior light are from a Lancaster bomber 

There’s so many details on this truck to many to write on here took me 4 years to build I’ve included loads of photos you can use any of them if you need anymore information please let me know 




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