Top 10 Must-See Rat Rod Events and Shows Around the World

Rat Rod Events

Rat rods have become increasingly popular in the automotive enthusiast community in recent years, drawing crowds of gearheads and spectators alike to events showcasing these one-of-a-kind custom vehicles. If you’re a fan of the rat rod style, here are 10 must-see events and shows from around the globe that should be on your radar:

  1. Ratical Rockabilly Rumble (Joliet, Illinois, USA) – One of the largest annual rat rod gatherings in the United States, this event features a massive display of rat rods, live music, pinup contests, and more. It’s a celebration of all things hot rod and rockabilly.
  2. Rat Fest (Essen, Germany) – This hugely popular European event attracts rat rod enthusiasts from across the continent to marvel at the incredible custom creations on display. In addition to the car show, there are also live bands, pin-up competitions, and a vendor village.
  3. Rust-O-Rama (Melbourne, Australia) – Australia has a thriving rat rod scene, and this event in Melbourne is the country’s premier showcase. Held annually, it features a diverse array of homebuilt and vintage-inspired hot rods, with a distinctly Aussie flair.
  4. Midwest Rat Rod Rumble (Salina, Kansas, USA) – Located in the heart of America’s heartland, this event brings together rat rod builders and fans from across the central United States. In addition to the car show, there are swap meets, burnout contests, and plenty of other activities.
  5. Scroungers’ Ball (Abingdon, UK) – This unique UK event celebrates the art of building rat rods from reclaimed and recycled materials. Attendees are challenged to create their own rat rods on a budget, leading to some truly inventive and one-of-a-kind creations.
  6. Rust n’ Rally (Linköping, Sweden) – Scandinavia has a thriving rat rod culture, and this Swedish event is one of the region’s premier showcases. In addition to the car show, there are also traditional Swedish food and craft vendors, live music, and more.
  7. Rat Rod Run (Tucson, Arizona, USA) – This annual event in the American Southwest brings together rat rod enthusiasts from across the region to celebrate the unique style and character of these custom vehicles. The scenic desert backdrop provides the perfect setting for this celebration of automotive creativity.
  8. Rust’n’Chrome (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – Canada’s largest rat rod event takes place in Toronto, drawing in builders and spectators from across the country. In addition to the car show, the event also features live music, pin-up contests, and a variety of food and vendor options.
  9. Mole Valley Rat Rod Run (Surrey, UK) – This event in the English countryside offers a more intimate and relaxed setting for rat rod enthusiasts to showcase their creations. The scenic backdrop and laid-back atmosphere make it a favorite among UK rat rod fans.
  10. Rust-O-Polis (São Paulo, Brazil) – Brazil has a burgeoning rat rod scene, and this annual event in São Paulo is the country’s premier showcase. Attendees can expect to see a diverse array of custom-built hot rods, as well as enjoy Brazilian food, music, and culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned rat rod builder or simply a fan of these unique automotive creations, these 10 events around the world offer an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and admire the craftsmanship of some of the most talented rat rod builders on the planet.


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